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When I started building my homepage (online since 8-2000), it never crossed my mind, that some day, someone would award it for originality or excellence in webdesign.
The first time someone noticed my site was 16-11-2000, when Huib Zegers picked my site for "Snurken tussen Hoek en Harwich"
in the Web Wereld Nieuws. (the site didn't look anything like this then) Three days later, I saw to my surprise, that the counter on my page said 221 visitors that day!   Planet Internet Belgium had selected my site as site of the day!
Four months later, on 10- 2- 2001, I am happy to say, I received my first award!  Thank  You, for appreciating all the hard work I put into my site.   

The awards on the following pages are arranged in chronological order.        

Purrfect Site Award

10- 2- 2001


You Won The 'Purrfect Site' Award! You should be very proud! Your site is awesome,and you are going to enjoy the increased traffic
you get from winning this prestigious award!

The Purrfect Site Award Team

Tierisch gute website award

11- 2- 2001

Hi Dorine,

I found your site very interesting - it is really unique, I haven't seen a similar site so far. I have attached the German Award to this mail.

Thanks again for applying.

Renate Wald

Web Excellence Award

1- 3- 2001

Dorine what you have  is amazingly inventive and fun.   Your page is great.    I loved it!!!  I am sending my web excellence award. 

Theda Fritz

Jewl of the Month Award

5- 3- 2001

Hi there, I just got back from visiting your site Bengels, Belgen en andere katten and thought it was great!  So...  Congratulations!!!!  You have been selected to receive the "Jewel of the Month Award" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design.  Please wear our award with pride as your page deserves it! 
  Good luck and continued success with your wonderful site!

IPatrick Michielsen
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Webmaster Excellence Award

6- 3- 2001

Hello Dorine,  We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, unique graphic displays and content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the
"Webmaster" award and wish you continued success into the future. 

Ted Miller,   Awards Coordinator Nu-Horizons Designstudio

8- 3- 2001

Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.

Jewel of the Web Award

15- 3- 2001

We have reviewed your site and found it to be creative and full of content.
You have won the " Jewel of the Web  Gold Award For Excellence." . Your site is easy to use, friendly and graphically pleasing !  Your site enhances the originality of our Internet community.

Ann <

Perfect Vision Bronze Award

16- 3 2001

Dear Dorine:
Congratulations on your achievement!     
I am pleased to present "Bengels, Belgen en andere katten" with the Perfect Vision Bronze Award. 
Your elegant and skilful presentation of unique content ensures your status as a creative visionary. For your records, this award is presented from Canada and is rated 4.5 by Award Sites!      
Thanks again for your participation in this program, and for affording me the opportunity to evaluate your excellent website.

Best Regards, Catherine  Ruston
Perfectory, Perfect Vision Award Program

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